StabiliGrid™ Residential and Temporary Applications
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StabiliGrid™ Residential and Temporary Applications

StabiliGrid™ Residential and Temporary Applications

Below:  Grass Parking Areas (which serve double-duty as healthy grassy lawns when not needed for parking).
Below:  Commercial or Public Parking Green Parking Lots.
Notice above:  the absence of storm drains, gutters, infiltrations ponds, etc.
The green parking stalls function as infiltration assets - the rainfall is diverted onto the grass parking stalls, which allows rainfall to percolate into the ground and replenish our aquifiers,
instead of diverting Stormwater Runoff into our storm sewers and on into our rivers, lakes and streams.

Below:  Green Parking Lot Construction examples.
(please remember these were taken only a few days after installation, the grass had not yet fully developed)
 Other typical uses of StabiliGrid
Below: A city-center public commons, which is used almost daily during the summer for
Farmers' Markets, Concerts in the Park, Conventions and Expos, etc.
Below: the same city center when not in use.
Below: the same city center, during winter.

 Reinforced Grass Root & Tree Root Protection: Laying Grids - backfilling - finished.
 Natural stone: Simple, "do it yourself" projects (who needs a contractor?)

Slope Stabilization/Control of erosion due to turbulence:
 Slope Stabilization/control of erosion due to precipitation: (note: exposed grids shown before backfilling/seeding)
Grass  and tree root protection during construction, or for temporary parking applications: