StabiliGrid™ Commercial applications
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StabiliGrid™ Commercial applications

StabiliGrid™ Commercial applications
 Grass root protection/permanent-commercial:
 Grass and tree root protection during construction, or for temporary parking applications...

 Natural stone: Simple, pervious, permanent & flexible natural stone borders ...

 Pedestrian traffic, Colored "beauty rock" or live grass - indoor setting...

 Pervious parking, gravel:
More ... see the USDA/NRCS Pervious Parking project in Fairfield Iowa >>

Pervious Grass Parking: (see also St. Louis County, MO Tilles Park Pervious Grass Parking
Please note below that these parking stalls ARE the bio-remediation.
* Stormwater Runoff is diverted ONTO the parking spaces,
>  which serve as infiltration assets.
* When correctly engineered and fully utilized, StabiliGrid™ may replace - or make unnecessary - many or all additional stormwater runoff or nonpoint source pollution control design feature and structures, such as:

infiltration ponds and other infiltration assets,
infiltration trenching,
Stormwater runoff diversion / retention / detention structures, etc.

 Civil Engineering on the European Autobahn:
ASFINAG Straßenabschnitt A1 Salzburg
ÖSAG-Strabag Leitschienentausch Block II Autobahn with Downtown Parking Stegenwald Rfb, Salzburg
Company Hinteregger in Salzburg: Landslide Prevention

 Slope Stabilization/Control of erosion due to turbulence:

 Slope Stabilization/control of erosion due to precipitation:
(note: exposed grids shown before backfilling/seeding)

 Durable, Flexible, Elastic + Pervious ...
You may not see these types of applications with any HDPE stabilizer grids - for very long ...

Grass-paved railroad tracks, using StabiliGrid. Public Transit and Railways ...
Referenzen Steiermark Graz Liebenau, Geleise Straßenbahn bei Stadion Liebenau Graz ca. 2800 m²  
(grass pictured after only 2 1/2 weeks of growth)
Which do you think grows healthier grass,
StabiliGrid or concrete pavers?

(hint: StabiliGrid™ is where the healthy grass actually is growing, the sparsely vegetated areas pictured below are where the concrete permeable paver blocks are installed.)
Example, side-by-side comparison of grass paving using StabiliGrid, and using a concrete permeable paver block system.

Railroad tracks prepared with StabiliGrid, previous to backfilling with the growth medium [topsoil] and pre-vegetated. Side-by-side demonstration project - StabiliGrid next to concrete permeable paver blocks, used for grass paving of a public transit railway track; pictured at early germination, 7-10 days after seeding and irrigation commenced.

... more about this type of project?
see [click click below] »
Grassy-paved public transit and railroad tracks, using StabiliGrid across Europe and the world, flood channel, dam spillway, and grassy municipal airport aircraft landing strips.